More reactive than flourine. Funnier than boron.

I’m a test pilot! Kind of…

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I now have a new tool to blame for my blog failings.

If nobody reads this post, does the world economy save trillions?

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Quick reviews of two musician-oriented sites: eJamming and Guguchu.


My love note to Backupify.

Some site news and an opinion or two on Twitter


Online social networking really is the wild, wild west.

Is there such a thing as a social network in a bad neighborhood?

A post on the benefits of, well, posting. The time to blog is nigh.

A bonus post about some cool doings in the social media monitoring world.

Wherein I discuss the hoped-for end to the reign of the Social Media Expert.

A post wherein I lash out at social media “success” and use an unfortunate metaphor.