More reactive than flourine. Funnier than boron.

In which I express umbrage AND indignation…

Just some site news.

If nobody reads this post, does the world economy save trillions?


The first “weekly review” post on Ignorantium

Hang in there, babyHang in there, baby

Wherein I provide you with some thoughts on recessions and increased mortality rates.


All about Epping, because someone there visits this site.

A post on the benefits of, well, posting. The time to blog is nigh.

Another retread, this one about the mainstream media’s fascination with its own moral rectitude.

mongolian herder

A favorite old post about speculating on cashmere goats

The First Mac Released in 1984The First Mac Released in 1984

The first new post! It’s a tribute to my first Mac as I await more hype on the new Apple Tablet.