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I rarely share things like this because, frankly, most people won't read them or heed them. I could post a link to an article called "Five things to do for a week to make a million dollars" with a guarantee that they work (and testimonials from a million people who tried them and succeeded), and […]

I've spent so much time on other outlets, networks, etc. that my blog has withered. That's a shame. I worked hard on setting it up and it's still "mine." It's not like posting to to G+. I've tried to find tools to help with cross-posting to my blog but every plug-in I've used for WordPress has […]

A couple of things about this article 1 – Surprised it took this long 2 – Paid version still worth it. Google to Rein In Free Software Google said it stopped offering its suite of Web-based software for businesses—known as Google Apps—free of charge to groups of 10 or fewer users, as it moves to […]

You can’t use PayPal for smokes in the prison yard either.

If you’re wondering, this is the post that spurred my previous “loophole” post. Here’s my comment on the post: Economic reality #1: Corporations don’t pay taxes; people do. Starbucks pays more in taxes which means there’s more money going to the government and less money for salaries or less profit for shareholders. (Don’t think that’s […]

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Chapter 4,323"Loophole"Friends, can we stop saying that we need to close "loopholes" in the tax system that are being exploited by corporations or rich people or whomever?A "loophole" is an unintended ambiguity or omission from a law. It's not put there intentionally but is caused by an oversight, badly conceived law, etc. The "loopholes" supposedly […]

And John McAfee is looking more and more like Dr. Quest from "Johnny Quest."Reshared post from +Mike ElganBREAKING: Software mogul John McAfee may have suffered a heart attack.The founder of McAfee Software has reportedly been transferred out of jail after complaining of chest pains and suffering convulsions. McAfee was arrested yesterday for crossing into Guatemala illegally after […]

In which I use ‘chide’ and ‘link baitery’ in a sentence.

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If you think you need this book, you need this book.

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Why would I ever want to join another social network? I was done with social networks before Pinterest. (I at least understand the fascination some have with that network.) What am I missing? Microsoft Opens the Beta Version of Socl to Everyone After a long period of closed beta testing, Microsoft has made the beta […]

I may have shared this little guy last year, but he's worth sharing again. He's Eneman, the mascot of Fleet enemas. Not only did someone think Fleet enemas needed a mascot, but someone also thought he'd be festive dressed up in a Santa hat and turned into a Christmas tree ornament. I would love to […]

This is such a thing. Quibble with the argument if you wish (and I thought Ross Douthat's column that he's "defending" here was pretty good), but it's really well written.  Embedded Link Don’t Mention The Decadence Defending the moral as well as the practical case for natalism.

Dogs are awesome.  Embedded Link Twitter / lachlan: Canine photobomb. This. Is. …

Sleep well. Reshared post from +Mike ElganNorth Korean archaeologists discover unicorn lair. If you thought the hermit kingdom couldn't get any more unhinged, the country's Academy of Social Sciences has recently "reconfirmed a lair of the unicorn rode by King Tongmyong, founder of the Koguryo Kingdom."Unicorn!http://www.theatlanticwire.com/global/2012/11/north-korea-says-they-unearthed-unicorn-lair/59483/

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In which the Onion makes short work of social media gurus.