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The Best Fake Girlfriend Story of All Time
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I cannot follow the whole Manti Te'o dead-girlfriend-story-turns-out-to-be-not-real-girlfriend-story story. I can't wrap my head around it.

Actually, I can. Or I could until the "official" version came out saying Te'o (that apostrophe is maddening to type!) was duped as well. I mean, when it was about a touching little made-up story that got out of control it made sense. A young guy tells a tall tale about his hot girlfriend from another school and it kind of gets all out of control because he happens to be in the public eye. Te'o wouldn't have been the first guy to have made up a girlfriend "from another school." And he wouldn't have been the first person to be introduced to fame by finding out that fame is kind of a bitch and blows everything up out of proportion.

Had the story stayed the same, Te'o would have joined a long line of people who found out the hard way that fame's multiplier effect turns every little detail into something bigger by a factor of how famous the person has become. And if that detail is negative, well, that multiplier effect can be pretty nasty. 

But then Notre Dame came out and said Te'o had been duped himself, that he hadn't made up the fake girlfriend but that he had actually deeply loved a fictional person created by some rotten hoaxsters. And now the official version makes very little sense. I don't care how social media and technology have made communications and relationships and everything else "different." (They really haven't, but every generation would love to think they've developed a new way to screw up interpersonal interactions.) I don't understand how a smart, attractive young (soon to be very rich) guy falls in love with someone he has only met via text and social media. (I think there were some phone calls too.) There is almost no way that this story makes sense without some complicity on the part of Te'o. 

I say "almost," as my logic does depend upon my own imagination to come up with a scenario where hoaxsters are so good they could fool someone so thoroughly for so long. Just because my imagination balks at the challenge doesn't mean no one else's brain could be so thoroughly warped. Thus I will reserve judgment for now.

But man is this a strange story. 


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  1. I couldn't even follow it. Yes people are duped though. This SoMe stuff is unlike anything most normal people have seen before,

  2. Strange and sad, either way.

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