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Which side am I supposed to be on?
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I suspect this post may not be everyone's cup of tea, so let me state as clearly as I can: I think the Westboro Baptist Church is a nasty bunch. They are evil — and I really mean that in the sense of good v. evil. Misguided, corrosive and bad.

But here's the thing: they have a First Amendment right to spew their vile bilge if they choose. And they do it — publicly. And they stand out there and shout and act like idiots. They give interviews. They're not hiding.

Again: it's their First Amendment right to be controversial, the very thing that a certain young hacker was attempting to defend in keeping the Internet open. 

Then you have Anonymous. They hide and skulk and make threats and wreak havoc on those they disagree with who are simply using their First Amendment rights. They make no counterarguments but determine who can say what and where by tearing things down from their hidey holes. They have no right to do what they do. 

And yet I'm supposed to see them as the 'good guy' when they collide with another bunch of self-righteous zealots? No thanks. 


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Hate Group Drops Aaron Swartz Funeral Protest After Anonymous Vows Action
After the tragic suicide of Reddit co-founder and Internet activist Aaron Swartz, hacktivist group Anonymous vowed to derail picketing efforts by the hate-mongering members of the Westboro Baptist Chu…

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