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I was working on my post about my break from social media, and how I think it's maybe not so good for us, when Facebook decided to take everything I was fretting about and turn it into a product: Graph Search.

Remember when the Internet was going to open up brave new worlds to us all? It was going to broaden our vistas and have us connecting with people all over the world, learning about new things, experiencing new points of view

Yeah, that was great. But man was it hard. It was all one colossal TLDR. 

It would be better if we just use that massive machine of interconnectedness to find out about people we're already connected to in some way and get our info from them. It'll be one long example of that time you went to that party where you didn't really know anyone and found a person who knew your brother or your sister or went to school with your neighbor. We'll learn from people who know people we know or want what we want or think like we think. Awesome!

Forget Google and it's search algorithms; it was only giving us links to Wikipedia articles anyway. Now we can dispense with any objectivity and find those things that we could have figured out by actually talking to the people we already know. All of our preconceived notions and ideas will be further confirmed because our searches will come with the stamp of our Facebook network of friends and relations.

Brave new world indeed!


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Facebook Graph Search: First impressions
CNET takes a look at Facebook’s approach to structured search. Our takeaway: It’s good. Very good. Read this article by Jennifer Van Grove on CNET News.

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