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Good article from +SiliconANGLE  on MIT's reaction to Aaron Swartz's su…
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Good article from +SiliconANGLE  on MIT's reaction to Aaron Swartz's suicide.

I had wanted to post something about the Aaron Swartz news this weekend but decided my two cents were worth less than two cents. Seemed wrong to opine about a kid committing suicide so soon after the news broke. Suffice it to say that Swartz and I probably would have figured out after about 30 seconds that much of our politics were opposed to each other. And I also can't say I agreed with all of his methods either.

That being said, Swartz's efforts to keep information and the Internet free and open was where I wholeheartedly agreed with him. The prosecution of him, and the idea that he could have received 50 years in prison for sharing scientific research and information published by a non-profit (and representing the works of scientists employed by non-profit universities), was astounding. 

Just a sad story all around. I hope he finds some peace and a big, fat pipe carrying all the knowledge he can possibly download wherever he is. 


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Hal Abelson Appointed by MIT President to Investigate University’s Role in Prosecution of Aaron Swartz | SiliconANGLE
Over the weekend the Internet lost one of its most amazing guiding lights: Aaron Swartz—an early developer of the ever-popular Reddit, did significant work with XML, and even co-authored the RSS 1.0 s…

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