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The social media vacation
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Except for contacting some friends and a few professional obligations (which were scant) I spent almost no time on social media during the holidays. It was kind of eye-opening for me and has made me re-rethink my opinion on social media.

I'll have a longer piece later (maybe), but the big takeaway for me is that it turns out the "curated" experience we get through social media, even if we're well-intentioned, can become phony. It's not the benefit so many in social media claim it to be. 

What's worse, the more we grow accustomed to the experience the phonier it gets. Over time that's very bad, like Plato's cave in reverse.

Like I said, more to come later.


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  1. Plato's cave in reverse. I like that. Looking forward to reading more, +James Wester. Curious whether you experience a difference between public and restricted posting in terms of the artifice/performance aspect. I'm nooding on this particular point myself right now.

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