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Making Twitter truly and really disruptive
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I'm a fan of +Dwolla if for no other reason than that they just keep pushing payments in new ways. And they're focused on trying to keep the flow of money as cheap as possible for both the sender and receiver. That's a pretty simple idea but it has some potentially disruptive consequences.

And I mean really disruptive, not the sense we use for a lot of social media tech. I'm tired of hearing how changing the way we use an iPad is "disruptive." Changing the way we move money could be and Dwolla is one of a crop of companies that are looking to do just that.

It also doesn't hurt that the new startups in the payment space are, by and large, fun. They're enjoying themselves. I like that.


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Send money by tweet using Dwolla
For those who find logging into Dwolla’s app too onerous when it comes time to pay (PINs are hard), the Des Moines, Iowa startup has a new way to send money: Just tweet it. Seriously. The company has…

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