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Social commerce for dummies. Indeed.
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Social Sales: Shoppers referred from Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube generated .34 percent of all online sales on Black Friday, a decrease of more than 35 percent from 2011.

That’s .34, as in less than one-half of 1 percent. And that’s down 35 percent from 2011, meaning last year it was only .52 percent of sales!

“Social Media Commerce for Dummies.” Yup.

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(Thu03) My buddy +Marsha Collier has written a new book about using social media for ecommerce:


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3 Comments to “Social commerce for dummies. Indeed.”

  1. Lisa Frame Lisa Frame says:

    It's all going the way of mobile. At Harvard event, head of Burberry said mobile accounted for 25% of their sales over black Friday weekend.

  2. James Wester James Wester says:

    Yup again. I've done probably a dozen stories in the past week about mobile shopping (i.e. 'showrooming') and m-commerce. I'm getting inundated with emails from companies touting their numbers for mobile this holiday season. Most of that is driven by price and convenience. That seems to undermine the idea that people are buying based on social interactions. They're buying on mobile devices because they are finding better deals.

  3. Lisa Frame Lisa Frame says:

    I would agree with the better deals. I don't buy much via mobile. The only site I regularly buy from is +Etsy, as their app is easy to navigate and find what I'm looking for.

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