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Socl is for specl peopl
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Why would I ever want to join another social network? I was done with social networks before Pinterest. (I at least understand the fascination some have with that network.)

What am I missing?

Microsoft Opens the Beta Version of Socl to Everyone
After a long period of closed beta testing, Microsoft has made the beta version of its social network, Socl, available to everyone.


4 Comments to “Socl is for specl peopl”

  1. This is great, a new social media site that you have to sign in with Facebook which is…ta da, a social media site.

  2. James Wester James Wester says:

    Exactly! That jumped out at me too. Is there something about Socl that's specl?

  3. Nothing specl, it looks like pinterest to me. I have enough social media sites, don't need another, need more interesting stuff, not more spam and gossip.

  4. There is nothing specl at all about Socl and it is bound to attract an audience of 22 or so. I didn't sign in with Facebook, but I checked out one post and it sent me to someone's Facebook page. So maybe Socl is a Facebook search engine?

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