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Ceci n’est pas une parodie.
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As I’ve said before, great parody is indistinguishable from the real thing.

‘I Am A Brand,’ Pathetic Man Says
SEATTLE—Sad, pathetic local web developer and blogger Phillip Cathin, 34, told reporters today that he sees himself as “a brand.” The pitiful man, who works in development and design at the Seattle-ba…


4 Comments to “Ceci n’est pas une parodie.”

  1. Mike Stenger Mike Stenger says:

    Oh yeah? I am an influencer.

  2. Remember when these morons were touting themselves as personal brands. Too funny.

  3. It's crazy that folks actually pay attention to all these social media experts that spew all this nonsense.

  4. James Wester James Wester says:

    The hilarious part of this "parody" is that I have heard every single sentence this fake person said uttered by a real social media "guru." (Might have been a "maven." Or "ninja." Maybe "jedi.") And not just once either.

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