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Monsters in the Zeitgeist
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Memes that go bump in the night

Now that the Twilight saga is done, can we put vampires to rest? Nothing has topped "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" in terms of sheer quality for movies and television, so let's stop with vampire shows for a while.

And "vampire sagas" should have ended with Anne Rice's books. (And that should have ended around the third book.) It's over. Let it go.  

I'm pretty much over zombies too. In fact, zombies, and the whole "zombie¬†apocalypse," isn't that scary, especially the plodding, mindless kind of zombies. The shrieking, super-fast zombie — a la 28 Days Later is more freaky, just don't get that mixed up with the Sandra Bullock movie about rehab (28 Days). But zombies have been overdone too. Let's let that monster die. (pun intended)

Mummies are ok but more of an addition to an adventure movie than a terrifying incarnation of evil. They make a good one-off movie. And they're really just Egyptian zombies. Frankenstein is just a science zombie. So include them if we retire zombies.

Werewolves have never been scary. An American Werewolf in London was great. But werewolves aren't, in general, terrifying. (That's why they rarely get their own movie and have never earned their own franchise.) They should be retired for a while too.


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