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Mr. Tech Writer: Please surrender your keyboard and go to timeout
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I don't know why this article isn't linking right. It's an engadget editorial called "Editorial: Amazon and Google are undermining mobile pricing, and that may hurt everyone" It boils down to this:

(I)t [companies selling devices at low prices] could erode some of the values of diversity and innovation that we're supposed to hold dear as technology fans.

Got that? In other words, individual consumers should have to pay more for devices so that we tech fans can have more choice. 


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Apple iPad mini
When Google unveiled the Nexus 4, Nexus 10 and a refreshed Nexus 7 in October, the moment was arguably the crescendo of a


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  1. I saw this article this morning. I was, I still am in complete shock that someone can type something like that. One thing I can take from this editorial, is that this person does not understand how competition works.

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