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This is not an Apple spoof 
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I thought the whole “we apologize for the map stuff” was a bad idea. It reeked of desperation. Now the idea of forcing executives to sign a confession is just, well, ugly. That’s show trial stuff. Likely, his days were numbered whether he signed or not. Maybe it’s me, but none of this speaks well of leadership there.

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Apple’s Forstall Refused to Apologize
Apple executive Scott Forstall was asked to leave the company after he refused to sign his name to a letter apologizing for shortcomings in Apple’s new mapping service. The development came as Apple o…


2 Comments to “This is not an Apple spoof ”

  1. Tim Berkesch Tim Berkesch says:

    You just know he was under pressure to have their Maps completed by the time the iPhone5 was released – he probably kept saying, it won't be ready and they didn't want to hear it. He's the scapegoat – hope he has been compensated adequately.

  2. Paul Murley Paul Murley says:

    ^^ $38 million I read earlier. Should be enough to keep him going for a little while 😉

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