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Lord of the Cha-chings
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Was reading about New Zealand's efforts to cash in on all things Lord of the Rings related. You have to figure there are some New Zealanders who are thinking, "WTH?! We're now to be known as 'The Land of Hobbits?'" 

It reminds me of all the "hillbilly" stuff around Branson, Mo. — except one step removed from reality in that hillbillies existed. 

Give it a generation and you'll have real little people living in real little villages called "Hobbiton™ (all rights reserved)" and "Gandalf's ORIGINAL Hobbiton" and "The REAL ORIGINAL Hobbiton!"

Tourists will buy kitschy Middle Earth trinkets in the Hobbiton gift shop ("Look, mom! I got The One Ring to Rule Them All at Bilbo's Bangles! It's even signed and numbered!" [I'll let that joke sink in.]) and eat "authentic" hobbit food.

And maybe it won't take a generation:


(The Denny's tie-in is genius or madness or both. I haven't decided.)

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Hobbit office
A Hobbity Gatehouse will welcome visitors to Matamata in the Waikato.


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