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Klout as a hiring tool? The end is nigh.
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I ding ’em when they post an article I don’t agree with, so I should say something nice when TechCrunch writes an article I do agree with, right? So yeah, the idea that an employer would ever use a Klout score to evaluate a candidate’s fitness for a job? Wow.

Do we really need to remind people that:

1) Klout does not provide an objective measure of anything, not even a person’s engagement on social media. To much judgment baked into the metric, like which social media networks matter more than others.
2) Even if one believes #1 to be true, the objective measurement Klout provides is neither transparent (which makes it hard to refute) nor useful in evaluating how someone attained a particular score.
3) (which is the big one and one that I have harped on ad nauseum) Klout cannot ever  predict the behavior of a person. Ever. It is not like a FICO score, which has been demonstrated to have a direct correlation to whether people pay their bills on time. A person can reach 100 on Klout and that will have no bearing on whether he or she will ever engage on social media again much less “influence” anyone to behave, say or buy something.

So my questions are: Would you have any reservations about providing your Klout score? How about working for a company that requires a minimum Klout score? Or one that uses Klout at all as a hiring criteria?

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