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It's National Drink Beer Day
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Everyone puts pics of cars and gadgets up on their Google+ profiles with a "cool" or a "wow." Well, I'll put something on my wishlist up in honor of National Drink Beer Day. (Not making that up.)

This is a scaled-down professional microbrewery. It's $45,000, about the same cost as some of the cars I see posted on Google+. The difference is that a car breaks down, needs to be insured, has to have the oil changed, and is, well, a car. (Not a car guy.) This thing? It brings you gallons and gallons of beer.

Thanks, to +Hammacher Schlemmer for bringing this to my attention. (Full disclosure: I worked for HS in their NYC store a long time ago. We had some great items on the floor but nothing like this!)

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The Professional Microbrewery – Hammacher Schlemmer
This is the automated brewing system used in professional microbreweries, scaled for the home brewmeister.


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