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A post, announcement, site update, etc….

Somewhere within the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 is a stipulation that all bloggers must post on a regular basis or lose the right to call themselves bloggers. (I’m pretty sure about that. It’s only 2300 pages. If you want to fact check me go ahead.) Thus, in an effort to satisfy the feds I’ll let you in on some news regarding your host and the blog.

It’s a new year and lots of new stuff has grabbed my attention. Ignorantium, as is often the case, has received the short end of the stick. (Blogger’s note: I have never understood that saying. What stick? A stick is a stick. It has two ends. One end ends where the other end begins. How can one end be any shorter or longer than the other end? It makes no sense.) And while it’s understandable (unlike that saying), it’s not acceptable. I should blog more and I know it. So I promise I will. (You: “Liar.” Me: “Shut up.”)

But in case I don’t post here, and to satisfy that yen you seem to have for my prose, you can head over to a new blog: MobilePaymentsToday.com. I am the new editor over there. (In case I’m too subtle: That’s the announcement.) I’m looking forward to loading it up with payment stuff. It’s a great publication with a lot of smart people around. It’s also covering a very interesting part of the technology world: the nexus of mobile, payments, commerce, technology. It’s an awesome gig and I just used the word “nexus.” Life is good.

With all that going on, I will keep to my promise and do semi-regular postings. Give me a hard time if I don’t.

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  1. Jack Mason says:

    James, I wanted to get in touch, but can’t seem to find an email for you anywhere. Jack Mason, IBM Global Business Services

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