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I’m now lost in Sendible

As a technology buff, writer and bon vivant (yes, geeky straight guys can call themselves that), one of my more favoritest things to do is play with new toys. Sendible is the newest social media messaging platformy-thing to come into my life. Compared to a lot of the dreck that is out there in this space, it seems to be working well. I like the user interface, though some of the links to social networks seem a bit slow. I haven’t learned enough to know if it’s me, my browser or the tool yet, but I seem to have everything where I need it. In other words: so far, so good. (The “problem” seems to be that the tool is wildly configurable. That’s what I want, but I suddenly have all of my networks, hubs, spokes, contacts and bad influences all in one spot. For someone who does more than dabble in social media, that means a lot of stuff is now needing to be organized in a new tool.)

The other great thing about Sendible is that it’s just not very expensive. I’ve now worked with literally dozens of CMS, social media and email platforms, and a lot of them are just stupidly over-priced for the level of performance they deliver. I don’t care if your company has offices all over the world, if all your doing is updating my Twitter feed or sending out emails, I don’t need to pay you $10,000 a month. Ever.

I’ll keep working with this little tool and let you know if the whizbots and doohickeys really whiz and doo. (Rethinking that metaphor.) For now, consider me impressed.

Note: This update has been lovingly crafted and placed into the tender care of Sendible. If it craps out, expect a “Sendible is poo” post shortly.

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