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Mind the gap…

Herewith I present a new feature on Ignorantium: a weekly recap. Well, not so much a recap as a week-ending post about general stuff, items of note, predictions on the future and perhaps a tirade. (I’m trying to cut tirades out of my life, but I may indulge in one every once in a while.)

As you can see, posts are coming more frequently these days on Ignorantium. Posts had started to turn into 1000 word slogs for readers. That’s too long for a reader to read and a writer to write with any regularity, not to mention too hard to do and retain some level of quality. The result was large periods of time with no posts. Blogs die when they’re not fed and I didn’t want that to happen to Ignorantium. So instead, I went back to the way I did things a long time ago with quicker posts done more frequently. I may still do a longer piece every once in a while, but for now I’m sticking to the stuff that made me like doing this blog in the first place: product and site reviews, interesting tech bits I run across and opinion pieces aimed at trends in marketing, tech and social media. From the nice responses I’ve gotten, and the nice spike in traffic, apparently people are happier with this format as well. I’ll keep at it.

Expect to see more product reviews next week. The social media world is moving so quickly and spawning all sorts of interesting offerings that allow people to tag, file and connect with friends and strangers alike. As I run across interesting sites and tools I’ll throw up reviews. Also starting sometime next week I’m going to pick a day (probably Wednesdays) where I provide a ton of links to odd things and burgeoning web memes. If you’ve got something you think I might want to include, feel free to send me an email (host atsign ignorantium.com) or through Twitter @jameswester. (Until I get the purpose of @ignorantium figured out, replies and DMs to that account might go unnoticed.)

And finally, my picture today is from Wikipedia’s daily featured article. It’s a randomly chosen picture from my morning surfing, but it kind of fits in with today’s theme of where this blog is going. (The title of today’s post is taken from signs and warnings to riders of the London Underground to “mind the gap” between the platform edge and the train door. In this case, it means mind the gaps between blog posts. I thought that was moderately clever.)

Hope you have a great weekend. See you next week.

photo credit: Wikipedia

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