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Backupify Yourself

Now for something unrelated to a particular bodywash or man in a towel, and something I’d much rather spend my time on: a product review! This one’s a short one. I don’t have time to do a big review, but I do want to write a little love note to a product I’ve developed a crush on: Backupify.

I’ve been tinkering with Backupify the past few weeks since they so kindly gave me an upgraded subscription. (I’d love to think I’m special to them, but it was a promotion they offered to any old shlub.) I had been looking for some way to archive my little chestnuts of wisdom from my Twitter account (Who can forget this gem from February 7, 2009: “I have a wig in my front yard. Why?”), but with 5000 Twitter updates (and counting) I wasn’t sure how easy that would be. Turns out it’s pretty darn simple. Backupify allows you to archive updates and activity on Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and a host of other social networking sites. There’s even a handy feature that allows you to create a pdf of your archives. (I’m having some issues with the non-pdf archives, but I’m assuming it’s user error and not a problem with the software.) It currently has some archiving for WordPress, Google docs and some others in beta. (I haven’t had a chance to play with the WordPress backup since I just installed the module today, but I’ll keep updating this post as I get more information.) They have a free version that is good and has the basic archiving features, but I have to say that I will likely pay to continue my subscription when it expires next year. (I think it’s $30.)

The fact is 5000 tweets is approximately 683 kilobytes of data. That’s about the size of a short novel. Include your replies, DM’s, etc. and you’re talking about a sizable amount of writing that goes into keeping a Twitter account active. And if you’re like me, those tweets form a skeleton of ideas, discussions and thoughts that may lead to deeper things. You’d hate to lose them and you might want to eventually go back through them to find good stuff that needs to be fleshed out. Searching through tweets now using the Twitter client or Tweetdeck is next to impossible. Backupify protects your work and makes it simple to sort through.

Like I said, I’ll come back to this as I tinker with Backupify, but it’s been a handy little tool to have. You can follow them on Twitter (@backupify) or go to backupify.com.

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