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“Rant” is at the heart of Ignorantium…

I made this announcement the other day on Twitter but thought I’d clarify it on the blog: I’m dialing my Twitter usage down by several notches. The fact is that Twitter, to the detriment of my sanity and this blog, has sucked up a lot of the limited time I have on this wonderful planet lately. That’s unfortunate. Why? Because no serious, substantive debate can be done 140 characters at a time. None. Anyone who says otherwise is likely a social media ‘expert’ or consultant. I will still be using the @ignorantium (blog) and @jameswester (personal) accounts to alert you to new posts and some occasional one-off punchlines, but Twitter was becoming a bottomless hole down which too much good thinking was being thrown. Instead, I’d rather dig a little deeper on topics that need some deeper digging. If social media is to take its place as a respected part of real marketing (and no, I don’t believe it’s ‘real’ marketing yet, but that’s coming in a post), then some deeper digging needs to take place. (High-falutin’ types might call that ‘establishing best practices.’) 140 bytes just doesn’t provide me, or anyone else, with a big enough shovel.

Don’t get me wrong, I still think Twitter is a great tool and a valuable channel worth using and watching. But the fact that it’s a private platform being controlled by private interests, and not open-source being run by and for the good of all users, means I am becoming more and more leery of it as it grows. I’m not saying that the folks at Twitter are up to any nefarious plots, but sooner or later they will assert some control somewhere–a decision here or there to limit or eliminate a heretofore free feature–and it is going to make someone unhappy. Or more likely, it’s going to make lots of someones unhappy. It will probably be short-sighted third-party developers and those who depend upon Twitter for their livelihood who get burned, but the burning sensation will also extend to those who depend on those developers as well, i.e. their customers. I do my best to avoid burning sensations.

And one more thing: You may notice the tone of this blog becoming a little more confrontational. I’m not being provocative for the sake of angering anyone, but I think some of my posts have been bland for the sake of being likable. That’s not the way good ideas come about. So I suspect that my opinions may not always be in line with the current shared wisdom. Please feel free to let me know what you think. I hate arguing for the sake of arguing, but I also think that due to the easy ability to resend, retweet and repackage opinions and posts, ‘conventional wisdom’ becomes conventional a lot sooner than it used to. We’re building some big structures these days with quick-setting stupidity, so to speak. That’s too bad. So I intend to look at that wisdom a little closer, not to be intentionally provocative (that’s the realm of gadflies and pop stars), but to see if I can shake loose some of the aggregate before it becomes permanent. (That’s a cement metaphor and it’s brilliant.) If you disagree with me, let me know. Your comments, even the disagreeable ones, will be cherished. I promise.

2 Comments to ““Rant” is at the heart of Ignorantium…”

  1. James says:

    Kudos to you! Obviously I agree with your decision since I did something very similar. While I miss the interactions, leaving Twitter and Facebook was critical so that I could give our new business the focus it deserved and needed.

  2. Good move. I find I’m tweeting less these days, too. Trying to write a book and some other things. But I wasn’t focused enough to turn it into a real decision, as you have done so wisely. This explains why I’ve been missing your tweets lately. From now on I’m haunting your blog.

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