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Someone in Epping Loves Me

One of the beauties of Google Analytics is the mapping feature. I have, at my fingertips, a map of where every visitor to this site is coming from. To my little brain, that is awesome beyond belief. I can see that most of my readers come, not surprisingly, from Texas. But I also have someone in Epping, England who has visited my humble site. I find that just absolutely delightful. Seriously. Ever since I spent some time in England 20 years ago, I have been a bona fide Anglophile. And now I have someone in Epping reading my blog. To that reader, I dedicate this post. It is about all things Epping.

First, we have the Wikipedia entry for Epping. In it we learn that Epping is a nice suburb of London. We also learn this little nugget about the Epping train station (It’s where the Central Line terminates, in case you wanted to know):

“The station has a car park with 508 spaces and is the second largest car park on the London Underground network, a toilet, a ticket machine, a pay phone as well as seats for sitting outside of the station. (I’ve left the original links in because you might want to know more about ticket machines and pay phones.)

I don’t know about you, but the fact that someone loves the Epping train station enough to comment on the number of parking spaces, and note it is the second largest car park on the London Underground, is charming. I also note with some real surprise that there is a toilet there. As a denizen of New York for many years, I know working toilets in train stations are very, very rare. (And just to show I’m not mocking the person who wrote that Wiki entry, I say with some pride that my Subway station in Manhattan at 190th on the A line had the deepest station in the entire NYC Subway system. I too am a train geek.)

Second, a link to Rod Stewart. Mr Stewart is a current resident of Epping. There’s a list on the Wikipedia entry of famous Eppingians, but some on the list may have just passed through Epping. Rod Stewart was the most notable on the list who actually lives there. (Just in case, if Mr Stewart is my reader in Epping, thanks for visiting. I have a song of yours on my playlist for my morning run, if you care.)

Here’s a link to the site of Eleanor Laing, the Member of Parliament (MP to we Anglophiles) for Epping Forest. She seems like a fine person, though she does appear to have only one green jacket. (PR tip to Ms Laing: If you’re going to do a series of photo ops on the same day, bring a change of jackets. Alternatively, women can wear something plain like a black jacket and then accessorize with something notable like a chunky necklace that can be switched out between photo ops. That’s all that will catch the eye and no one will notice you’re wearing the same clothes.) That’s all I can really add there. As Anglophilic as I am, I haven’t a clue about the English parliamentary system. Apparently Ms. Laing is also a “Shadow Minister” which sounds cool but slightly evil. I put British governance on the list of English things I just don’t undertand along with cricket and steak and kidney pie.

For my non-Epping readers, if you ever wish to visit Epping, here is the link to a travel and tourism site featuring Epping. If you visit, send me pics.

And to my Epping reader, if you are not Rod Stewart : Please send me a comment or a note. I’d love to know your opinions of the site. Cheers to you, my friend! Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks to non-Eppingians for stopping by as well.


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