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Blogger, Blog Thyself…

I’m a couple of years into the full-on blog thing. (As opposed to the I-have-a-site-provided-with-my-mail-account-that-I-updated-twice-within-two-days-of-starting-it-and-then-forgot-about-it blog) In that time I have found WordPress to be an amazingly simple, elegant and powerful set of tools. It’s not idiot-proof, but it’s darn close. (Remember Wester’s Rule #2 – “If you make something idiot-proof, the world will provide a larger idiot.” Sadly, I can’t remember Wester’s Rule #1. I think it had to do with eating and swimming.)

I have also found there are a lot of very smart people that are wishing to put their own blogs together. Many friends and relations have said, “I’d love to have a blog about something,” where “something” is politics, dogs, knitting or fish cookery. My advice to them? Do it. Now. There are some obvious reasons to express yourself in an online forum, such as it’s great for your psyche. Cleans out the brain, so to speak.

It’s also great for your professional development. It’s a hugely marketable skill. I have another post I’m working on about technology skills, the job market, etc., but for now realize that being proficient with designing and running a Web page shows a host of qualities that employers are looking for, even those not Web or tech-related. I’m not saying you should have a site to rival something professionally produced, but thanks to WordPress and other WYSIWYG editors, you can create something worthwhile very easily.

The market is tough. I don’t doubt that. But those willing to market themselves well, spend some time on their “personal brand” (an overused but not worthless term) and put their creativity on display will have an easier time finding their next role.

Here is one more reason: there is a lot of real garbage out there.

I’m not one to judge, but…Well, actually, I am. Somewhere I heard a number like 4 gazillion blogs are rattling around the Interwebs these days. That’s a lot. And the 2 gazillion (?) I’ve looked at were pretty terrible. (No comments about this one!) So find your passion, fill your niche, sharpen your pencil, gird your loins and dive in. The myriad tools now available for the beginner blogger make it so very simple. Get started and maybe you can help drown out some of the noise.

Now get to it.

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    I have a question for the webmaster/admin here at ignorantium.com.

    Can I use part of the information from your post above if I provide a link back to your site?


  2. James says:

    Sure. Never a problem. Unless you’re just spamming me. 🙂

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