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Super Bowl Bonus Post: Brand Bowl vs. Buzz Bowl
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My earlier post about social media monitoring tools had been in the works for a couple of days, but in writing it I came across the efforts by Radian6 and Alterian to leverage the buzz about Super Bowl ads to showcase their social media listening tools. Both companies are going to track social media buzz about products and brands advertising during the Super Bowl using their social media monitoring tools in real time. Radian6 is launching their inaugural “Brand Bowl” while Alterian has the “Buzz Bowl.” I have links to both sites below. I’ve spent a lot of time evaluating the various social media monitoring tools, and both Radian6 and Alterian have terrific products. As I said in my earlier post, the faster brands and agencies can bring these tools to bear on social media marketing the better. I will be watching both sites throughout the Super Bowl and will be very interested to see how their results compare.

Radian6 Brand Bowl: Go here. I’m not as clear what this one will look like in real time, but their site looks great.

Alterian SM2 Buzz Bowl. Go here. Their chart looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs in real time.

2 Comments to “Super Bowl Bonus Post: Brand Bowl vs. Buzz Bowl”

  1. Hi James,
    I’m glad you are enjoying the Super Bowl apps tracking conversations about the ads/brands. #brandbowl is something we did with our customer & partner Mullen… just wanted to make sure to share the credit with them, especially where they tool the lead on the idea.

    While we primarily focus on providing companies/brands and agencies with a social media listening & engagement platform, our API can be used for a variety of cool apps that want to integrate social conversations and social media metrics such as this one. It should be fun to watch.

    CEO, Radian6

  2. Tewks says:


    Thanks for the mention. Our approach was more centered on proving the worth of social as a measurement tool for multi-channel messaging. Listening is key – if you can relate it to controllable performance factors you use to drive your business. In the coming days be sure to follow along as we continue to monitor the long-tail.


    – Tewks

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